School Rules

Rules of Conduct and Discipline

•    Students must report to school in time. No child will be allowed to enter the school premises if he/she reaches after the stipulated time – 7:25 a.m.

•    Students are not allowed to carry cell phones to school. Cell phones it confiscated will be returned only when the school issues a School Leaving Certificate to the child.

•    Students must keep/help in keeping their class rooms, corridors, school building and campus neat and clean at all times.

•    Students are not permitted to make or receive phone calls at the Reception. (Urgent messages will be communicated to them.)

•    Punctually and regularity, proper uniform promptness in completion of work and exemplary conduct in and outside the school is expected at all times.

•    Students displaying insubordination to teachers, using abusive language, exhibiting violent/aggressive behaviour, cheating, stealing, bunking, bullying, fighting, smoking, drinking, gambling, bringing

     obscene material to school, playing Holi, bursting crackers in the school premises, driving car/scooter/motorbike to school, will invite 

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