Photo gallery

Idioms Charades - Inter-house Competition
Children`s Day Spl. Assembly
Diwali Special Assembly and Pledge for Cracker-free Diwali
Dussehra Special Assembly
Trip to National Science Center
Show and Tell Activity
Zig-Zag Race and Hurdle Race
Visit to Fire Station (LKG & UKG)
Inter-school Sports Gala
Special Assembly on Janamashtami (LKG to II)
Hindi Rhyme Recitation Competition (LKG & UKG)
Rakshabandhan Activities (LKG to II)
Visit to Post Office(LKG & UKG)
Holiday HW Display (LKG to V)
Independence Day Activities (LKG to II)
Independence Day Celebrations
Lemon and Spoon Race(LKG,UKG and II)
Renaissance 2018
English Rhyme Recitation (LKG & UKG)
Hopping Race(LKG & UKG) and Zig Zag Race(I-II)
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