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·         “Conserve water, conserve life.”

A workshop was conducted by an NGO - Swechha at New Era Public School, Dwarka for the students of Class VI-VIII on 29th August 2019 on - "Water crisis and its conservation". Students were made aware about the importance of water and the factors leading to water crisis. The workshop was very informative as various facts were shared with the children about water crisis. The main purpose of the workshop was to make all the students sensitive towards the problem of water crisis. Discussion was held to enlist the ways through which students can conserve water at their level in school as well as at home. All students were motivated and this workshop had given them reason to think and then act.


    New Era Public School, Dwarka organized an inter house science competition for the classes VI-XII on 22.08.2019.

    Different topics were allotted to different categories:

    Students of class VI worked in teams to make a model on Water/air purifier.

    Students of class VII were assigned the topic of hydraulics. Each team presented a model based on the same such as hydraulic lifts, hydraulic cranes and hydraulic bridge.

    The teams from class VIII presented their research work on the topic ‘A visit to a cell’ through a PPT.

     The teams from classes IX to XII presented their working model on varied topics such as types of irrigation, sources of energy and its conservation. The models were supplemented with beautiful charts prepared by the teams.

    The competition was judged on different criteria such as creativity, content and presentation. The esteemed judges Mr. Rohit Chopra, the Director and Mrs. Kanwal Kohli, the Principal appreciated all the participants and shared their valuable inputs with all the participants.  

      Janamashtmi activity - Flute decoration 

      (Classes: LKG and UKG)


      Janmashtami, the birth of lord Krishna was celebrated at New Era Public School, Dwarka with great pomp and festivity by the tiny tots of Kindergarten. 

      On 22nd July 2019, flute decoration activity was held for classes LKG and UKG. On the occasion of Janamasthmi, children decorated flutes with mirrors, sequins and peacock feathers. They were excited to do the activity and enjoyed listening to the stories of Lord Krishna. 

        Frog and Rabbit Race 

        (Classes: LKG and UKG)


        To  give a gear up to their gross motor skills, an activity was held in the play arena. The “Frog Race” activity held on 19th August 2019 for LKG and UKG,cheered up the kids to develop their gross motor skills and pretending to be a frog in a croaking good time. 

        The activity began with a gearing command like “On your mark, get set – Hop!. The kids jumped down the length of their drive way and tried to develop competition amongst them by reaching the finishing point. By this way, all the LKG and UKG  kids enjoyed this activity.


          Celebrating Rakshabandhan with the Prime Minister

          On 15th August 2019, three students - Yashvi Vats, Vedika Raina and Bhumi Dabas- visited the Prime Minister's residence to celebrate Rakshabandhan with the honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi and seek his blessings. The students were accompanied by the Director, Mr. Rohit Chopra and the Principal, Ms. Kanwal Kohli. It was truly an enriching experience for all.




            The 73rd Independence Day was celebrated with much pomp and zeal at New Era Public School, Dwarka.

            A day infused with energy was witnessed by all with the students from classes L.K.G. to XII presenting a special assembly on this day of national significance. From the youngest to the senior most students, every one showcased their love for the nation by participating in various cultural renditions. The festivities began with hoisting of the National Flag by the Chairperson, Mrs. Usha Chopra, the Director Mr. Rohit Chopra, and the Principal, Mrs. Kanwal Kohli. As the National Flag was unfurled, the National Anthem was sung by all. This was followed by an array of performances, the first being a patriotic song by the Junior Choir. The melodious song filled the hearts of all with pride. After this, the students of classes XII and X shared their views about freedom being accompanied by responsibilities and the India they dream of, respectively. Ensuing these thoughts was another patriotic song, this time by the Senior Choir. Finally, the extravaganza came to a close with a spectacular dance performance by the middle school students and the Chairperson asking everyone to contribute towards a better India. 

              Fancy dress Activity

              The children of Classes LKG and UKG participated in the Fancy Dress activity held on 14th August 2019.   

              The theme was Freedom fighters'. The children came dressed in different costumes. The little ones learnt about various freedom fighters through this activity. Children looked beautiful dressed up as Bhagat Singh, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Sarojini Naidu and Begum Hazrat Mahal.


                Tearing paper is an amazing fine motor activity for kids.  Tearing paper requires strength and endurance of the small muscles in the hand.

                The children of UKG did ‘Paper Tearing and Pasting ‘ Activity on 14th August, 2019 on the occasion of Independence Day. The children tore  paper sheets into small pieces and pasted them in the outline of Indian flag . This activity helped to improve their motor skills.

                  Independence Day Activities (Classes I and II)

                  Class I

                  Activity - Making of 'Book Marks'


                  Children were helped in making book marks with the support of the teacher.

                  They were given blue colour paper strip and tri-colour hearts along with one glue stick each. Children pasted Tri-colour hearts on the blue strip and wrote

                  'I LOVE INDIA'. The teacher discussed with them about Independence Day that how and when is it celebrated. Feeling of patriotism and the love and respect for the country was seen in each child. They enjoyed doing this activity.


                  Class II

                  Activity -Making of  'Tri-colour Flag'


                  Independence day activities were done on 13th and 14th August by children of

                  Class-II. On 13th August 2019, children painted ice cream sticks with saffron, white and green colour. On 14th August 2019, they glued these sticks on the paper and a loop was made out of tricolour ribbon. Ashok chakra was made with blue colour having spokes in it. Thus their tri-colour flag was ready. They enjoyed doing this activity and learnt the importance of different colours in the flag.

                    Cooking corner activity on 13th Aug 2019


                    On 13th August 2019 for the occasion of Independence day, the students of classes LKG and UKG made tricolor sandwiches using bread, mayonnaise sauce , tomato ketchup and green chutney . The children applied sauces on bread and made yummy sandwiches.

                      Delhi State Legal Services Authority in coordination with Foundation & Rotary International undertook a project 'Green Earth, Clean Earth' to sensitize the students of New Era Public School, Dwarka about the environment.


                      Ms. Aeshna Dahiya, the nominated Legal Aid Counsel interacted with the students to spread awareness about tree plantation. 


                      The students planted around 100 saplings in and around the school premises. 

                                                                                                                                       Visit to Fire Station


                        The students of LKG and UKG were taken to the Fire station in Sector-6 Dwarka for an educational visit. The Fire Station Master explained the children about the services rendered by them. They were shown how the fire engine works after hearing an emergency alarm. They were told about the number to be dialed in case of emergency. The Fire Station Master was very impressed as the students asked questions to clear their doubts.


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