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"Kids prosper best with a broad curriculum that celebrates their various talents, not just a small range of them”.
To encourage the children , a Talent Hunt Competition was organised for classes LKG and UKG on 11th November, 2019. The competition gave the children a platform to showcase their talents. Some of the students sang songs, few recited poems, and it was a delight to see the little ones dancing on folk songs too.  All the performances kept the audience spellbound and entertained them throughout. 
    Decorating cupcakes is SUPER FUN. The students of classes LKG and UKG had Muffin decoration activity on 6th November, 2019. The children got muffins, gems and and chocolate syrup from homes. They put the chocolate syrup on the muffins and decorated the chocolate coated muffins with gems.  Students shared their creations with each other and relished the cakes made by them.
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      "He who seeks more than he needs hinders himself from enjoying what he has.~ Hebrew Proverb "