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The students of class VIII  conducted the assembly on 16th May, 2019 on the theme – ‘The 5 A's of success’. The 5 A’s of success  - Aspiration, Attitude, Aptitude, Application and Ability – were explained through a skit. Students performed a skit about the success story of International Para-athlete, Ms. Deepa Malik. Two students recited a Hindi poem titled 'Tum kab tak mujhko rokoge'. 


    On 14th May 2019, three inter- house competitions were held. Two students in each category represented their respective houses. The following topics were allotted -

    VI-VIII- Students prepared beautiful maps depicting the way from their home to school, showcasing the direction, landmarks, symbols. The maps were elaborate and well presented by the participants. House Yajurveda was declared as the winner followed by house Samveda and Atharvaveda.

    IX-X- Travel time brochures we're prepared by all the houses. The cultural, geographical, cuisine and other forms of diversity were depicted by the students. 
    Places like Florida, Egypt, Kerala, Paris were chosen to showcase the places to visit. House Samveda was declared the winner followed by house Rigveda and Atharvaveda.

    XI-XII -  Senior school students prepared portfolios on the topic - Person of the year. In this competition the participants prepared a detailed magazine on the lesser known but very impressive people who are contributing in a bringing a desirable change in the society. People like teenage environmentalist Greta Thunberg, The 99 -year old freedom fighter , social activist Sudhanshu Biswas were some of the remarkable person of the year chosen by our young minds.

    The Director  Mr. Rohit Chopra and the Principal of  New Era Public School, Dwarka Ms. Kanwal Kohli interacted with the students and declared the winners from each house. The efforts put in by  the students was appreciated by all . Later on, all the classes paid a visit to the Multi purpose hall to experience the creativity presented by their fellow New Erans.

      Mother's Day Activity was conducted done on 9th May 2019 for classes LKG and UKG.

      Mother's Day is a celebration honoring motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mother's love in a child's life.

      To show respect and love for their favourite family member, their mother, the children of LKG and UKG assembled a craft for their mother.

      They were really excited to take it home and gift it to their mother.

        The school organized a trip to St. Thomas Church, Janakpuri for the students of classes LKG and UKG on May 8, 2019. The children were fascinated to see the statue of ‘Jesus Christ’. The students got acquainted with   many aspects of the Church and the religion of Christianity. Refreshments were provided by the Church authorities. The Father of the Church addressed the children. It was a fun day for the kids and they got the view of diversity of our incredible Indian community.

          An assembly on the Topic “ Summer Vacation “was conducted by students of class 2 on 8th May 2019.


          To make children aware that apart from outstation trip, mobile games and watching cartoons they can utilize their time judiciously:

          (i)                by playing outdoor games.

          (ii)              learning yoga.

          (iii)            Joining summer camps and learning various activities like drawing,art,music,dance etc.

          (iv)           visiting grandparents house and sharing with them what all they learn in school.

          (v)             helping parents in their daily household work.

          (vi)           planting sapling at the start of summer vacations and taking care if it through out.

          (vii)         improving their handwriting by writing daily a page in English and Hindi.

          (viii)       Keeping themselves updated by reading newspaper with the help of an elder.

          Apart from this , children sang a song on holidays by Hooray!Hooray!It's a holi holiday by Boney M

          Thought for the day “Develop a passion for learning during summer vacations if you do so you will never cease to grow” was shared with the children.

          News was also shared towards the end of the assembly.

            The event 'Getting ready for School Race' was held on 1st May, 2019 for classes LKG and UKG. There were 4 four tracks and each track had a book ,a bag and a bottle. The children were supposed to pick up the notebook , put it in the bag ,wear the bag on his/her shoulder and then pick up the bottle and run.


            Winners from LKG are: 

            First        -    Pratham Sharma

            Second   -   Sameer Kumar  

            Third       -    Paras     


            Winners from UKG are:

             First       -   Kunal              

             Second  -  Ansh                

            Third       -  Vivek


              Labour Day Special Assembly

              New Era Public School Dwarka, celebrated Labour Day to acknowledge the efforts of Class IV employees.The students of Class IV celebrated the Labour Day with a special assembly to express gratitude to the class IV employees working in the school. The employees were presented with a rose flower and chocolates as a mark of respect. The event was designed to forge a better understanding of the labour community among our students who must learn to respect and appreciate their efforts.

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                "A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.~ Lao Tzu "