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Cooking Corner - Lemonade-making activity
The children of LKG and UKG relished their first Cooking Corner Activity on 29th May 2019. Children brought lemons, sugar and salt from home. 
They mixed the lemon juice, sugar and salt in water to make their lemonade. They enjoyed this activity aimed to beat the summer heat.

    Celebrating William Shakespeare’s 455th birthday

    A special assembly was organised on 25th April, 2019 for celebrating the Bard of Avon’s, i.e., William Shakespeare’s 455th birthday. The students learnt about the playwright and his extant works. Also, students of Grade XI presented a scene from his famous play ‘Julius Caeser’.

      Visit to Gurudwara and ISKCON Temple 

      Gurudwaras and Temples are the places of worship that promote humanity. To inculcate this spirit,  the children of classes LKG and UKG of  New Era Public School Dwarka , were taken to Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Sector-11 Dwarka and ISKCON temple, Sector-13 Dwarka. 31 children from LKG and 25 children  from UKG along with three teachers and one maid went on this religious trip. They were given Karha prasad in Gurudwara and rasgullas as prasad in the Temple. The kids enjoyed their first outing of the session.

        Earth Day Special Assembly

        The students of Class V organised a special assembly to commemorate Earth Day on Wednesday, April 24 ,2019 to propel fellow students to feel a greater sense of urgency about protecting our planet.

        Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22. On this day, events are held worldwide to show support for environmental protection. Earth Day reminds us to be loving and caring towards our Earth.
        In the beginning, students were informed about the importance of Earth Day and the need to save the planet. The importance of following the four principles of reuse, recycle, reduce and recover was stressed upon. An act  by the students motivated all to keep the planet beautiful .The skit illustrated how the needs of human beings have  increased and how they are mercilessly depleting the Earth’s resources. It concluded with the message that we must realise the danger and start taking steps to save ourselves and our beautiful planet. We must keep it green, just like it has always been.

        As a finale, the class pledged with a song to do whatever it could do to help the planet. Perhaps avoiding the use of cars where it is possible to walk, saving resources, turning off the tap while brushing teeth and stopping the use of plastic bags. Any effort, even a tiny endeavour would go a long way in saving the Earth from disaster.

        The students were exhilarated to participate in the mission to save the Earth. 

          Founder’s Day Celebrations 2019

          The echo of celebration reverberated in the hearts of all New Erians as they celebrated their alma mater’s 60th Founder’s Day on 11th and 12th April 2019 with utmost excitement and cheer. From reciting poetry to depicting their school’s growth over the years through a dance drama, the students showcased their joy upon their school achieving this milestone.

          The event began with the students and teachers seeking blessings of the Almighty through a hawan. The song ‘Showers of Blessings’ was sung by the school choir along with a self-composed celebration song. This was followed by a dance drama choreographed on self-composed Hindi poetry showcasing the development witnessed by the school over the last 60 years. A self-composed English Poetry was also recited by the students of classes X and XII, highlighting the many qualities that define a New Erian.

          The event culminated with students participating in various class activities, taking forward the fervour of the occasion. 

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            "A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.~ Lao Tzu "