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Event:           Show and Tell Activity

Date:            26th September, 2018

Participants: LKG & UKG

The students participated with enthusiasm and zeal in the activity. The activity was conducted in the class to encourage the students to develop their vocabulary and speaking skills.

The participants spoke on different topics and objects like aeroplane, ice cream, Doremon, hop ball, apple, our National Flag, doll and cut outs of trees, traffic lights. They described  the objects with confidence, facial expression and voice modulation. 

    Zigzag race- LKG and UKG.
    Hurdle race- Classes I and II

    Keeping up with New Era's tradition of putting health and fitness first, the students of classes LKG to II participated in various races on 18th September, 2018 with zeal and enthusiasm.

    Names of the winners:

    First place: Aaruhi Singh
    Second place: Ananshi Prashar
    Third place: Saksham Dhaka

    First place: Hiren Dalal       
    Second place: Gurfateh Singh
    Third place: Aarvi Rajput

    Class I
    First place: Mandeep Singh- Yajur Veda
    Second place: Ankit Prusty- Sam Veda
    Third place: Kimnunnem Doungel- Sam Veda

    Class II
    First place: Ryan Kukreja -Yajur veda
    Second place: Aarav Mishra- Yajur veda
    Third place: Bhavya Yadav- Sam Veda

    It was exhilarating to see students cheer for their peers and enjoy the races to the fullest.

      The students of LKG and UKG were taken to fire station at Sector 6 , Dwarka  on 7th September, 2018 for an educational visit. The fire station master explained the children about the services rendered by them. They were acquainted with the working of the fire engine. The students were updated with the number to be dialled in case of an emergency. 
      The Fire Station Master was very impressed as the children asked questions to clear their doubts.

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