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The tiny tots (LKG & UKG) of NEPS Dwarka participated in the English Rhyme Recitation Competition on 30th July, 2018 . Rhyme recitation is an art of expression of thoughts and feelings. The students chose a variety of topics for their recitation like animals, cleanliness, nature, save earth, etc., with a lot of enthusiasm. It was an excellent opportunity for the students to gain confidence through stage exposure. The children enjoyed the competition.

    Celebrating Renaissance – the Interschool Fest at NEPS, Dwarka


    In an endeavor to integrate fun and learning, to celebrate the Art, Literature and Science, New Era Public School organized Renaissance - an Inter-School Fest on 26th and 27th July 2018. With ‘Being Whimsical’ as the theme, the two-day gala focused on humour as an integral ingredient in all its sub-competitions.

    The event was inaugurated by Mrs. Usha Chopra, Chairperson, Mr. Rohit Chopra, Director, and Mrs. Vandana Chawla, Principal of NEPS Mayapuri. The three reiterated that learning in an ongoing process, where one learns best from his/her interaction with the environment. So, students must keep enriching themselves through the opportunities that come their way.

    Innovative contests such as RJ Hunt, Stand-up comedy, Tryst with History, Twisted Fairytales, Hasya Kavita, Politickle, etc were chalked out to finesse, while giving students an opportunity to explore their proficiency in diverse fields.

    Out of the 19 participating schools, New Era Public School, Mayapuri, was awarded the coveted Rolling Trophy by the Chairperson and the Director of the school. The event proved to be an interesting platform for students to exhibit their innate talent and learn from one another.

      Hopping and Zig Zag Race
      Hopping Race - LKG and UKG
      Zig Zag Race- Classes I and II

      The students of NEPS Dwarka participated with zeal in the competition. Sports activities are good for children as they provide not just physical activity but also help to build children' s self esteem,  confidence, social skills and motivation to excel in life.

      Names of the winners:
      LKG- First place Ansh Singh 
                Second place Ananshi Prashar 
               Third place Vihaan
      UKG - First place Heenal Kundra 
                 Second place Daksh Godara
                 Third place Hiren Dalai
      Class 1-  
      First place Arjun Dabas - Atharv Ved
      Second place Kunal - Atharv Ved
      Third place Akshita - Rig Ved

      Class 2
      First place Bhavya Yadav - Sam Ved
      Second place Vishal Ghoroi - Atharv Ved
      Third place Ryan Kukreja - Yajur Ved

      It was exhilarating to look at the students cheering for their peers.

        Plant A Sapling Activity

        Plant A Sapling activity was conducted on 9th July, 2018. Students of classes LKG ,UKG, I, II participated enthusiastically. Children were explained the importance of trees in our life and when and why we celebrate World Environment Day and Van-Mahotsav Day.
        1) Children were asked to bring a plastic pot, labelled with their names.
        2) The gardener had prepared the saplings for the activity.
        3) Each child planted the sapling in his/ her pot with the help of the gardener.
        4) They watered the saplings and were informed how to take care of their plant and see it grow.
        5) They measured the size of sapling at the time of plantation and were informed to measure its growth on weekly basis.

        It was enriching experience for the children and they were really happy to perform the activity themselves.

          Cleanliness Drive by XI and XII

          The students of grades XI and XII of New Era Public Dwarka organized a Cleanliness Drive in Sector 22, Dwarka. The initiative was a response to increasing unawareness with respect to keeping our vicinity clean. The activity was aimed at making the students feel responsible towards their surroundings, city and country as a whole. The passer-by’s appreciated and encouraged the students for their commendable initiative and grit. 

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