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A Slice of Shakespeare

William Shakespeare’s 454th birth anniversary was celebrated with great aplomb and gusto by students of New Era Public School Dwarka. To pay tribute to the Bard of Avon, an Inter-House competition was organized on the theme ‘A Slice of Shakespeare’, wherein each house presented a scene from the playwright’s famous plays.

The students from Atharva Veda house enacted the famous muddle from Mid-summer Night’s Dream, Rig Veda performed the courtroom encounter from the Merchant of Venice, Sam Veda staged the Seven Ages of Man from As You Like It, and Yajur Veda presented the hustle and prophecy of the witches from Macbeth.

The school’s Chairperson, Mrs. Usha Chopra, recognized the efforts put in by the Housemistresses and the students, and congratulated all for putting up stellar performances. The judges announced the results and deemed Yajur Veda house as the winner, with a tie between Sam Veda and Rig Veda at the second spot, and Atharva Veda bagging the third place.

    The 4th R L Chopra Memorial Cricket Tournament 2018 was held from 17th April, 2018 to 26th April, 2018.
    The highlights of NEPS Dwarka u-15 Cricket Team in tournament  were .

    NEPS Dwarka fielded independent team in the tournament.

    In the league stages NEPS Dwarka did get to play 4 matches to qualify for semi-finals.

    NEPS Dwarka did win two matches and lost two, there were some stupendous performance by individual 
    players and team as a whole.

    Master Ikjot Singh ( Class -9) against SUMERMAL JAIN SCHOOL displayed outstanding bowling and 
    batting.He took for wickets in allotted four overs and while chasing he did score very sensible 47 runs 
    not out. He was adjusted Man of the Match.

    Master Tushar ( Class-10) was very impressive in few matches like a knock of 79 runs against Vidya Jain 
    School,Rohini and the highlight of tournament was his Hat-Trick against Sumermal Jain School. He did so 
    his field exceptionally well in all the matches and was adjusted the Best Fielder of the tournament.

      Celebrating 58 Years of NEPS


      It was a day full of vigor and vibrance at New Era Public School, Dwarka, as the staff and students celebrated the 58th Founder’s Day in the school. 13th April 1960 was a day when dream blossom into reality, in the form of the New Era Group of Institutions.

      The day holds utmost importance in the hearts of all the students, as all students represent the values and ethos that their alma mater has instilled in all over the years, and the ones that they will showcase in the world outside as proud New Erians.

      The commemoration began with a hawan ceremony, to pray that the school reaches zenith of success, and the students also continue to make the school proud. A mellifluous choir presentation was put up by the junior students. Their merriment was evident as they sung infused with enthusiasm. This was followed by a dance performance, depicting that a little seed sprouts and blossoms into a thriven tree, spreading out its branches in the infinite sky. It showcased the hope and prayer for New Era group of institutions, an idea which sprouted in a single room classroom, to blossom and prosper to touch the infinite sky.

      The programme concluded with the school’s Founder and Chairperson, Mrs Usha Chopra’s address, wherein she reiterated the importance of dreaming and believing in oneself to garner different feats in life. The day ended with the distribution of Prasad in the classrooms.

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